Artists, Producers and Sound Engineers deserve memorable visuals to showcase with their music to market their latest track, EP or album. We take your vision and bring it to life, working with you to design an innovative music video to capture the engagement of your audience.


Cold these Days - JAV ft. Boundless

FIFA 22 - JWYE x Hopesigh x Jav x Sampro

Sweet Time - Jav ft. sushi sounds

WILD - JWYE x Hopesigh x Jav

What is it like working with SW Productions?

SW Productions can not be described as any less than a pair of visionaries with a genuine infatuation for clean and stunning visuals. As a musician, I always need fresh and slick content for releases and social media - without a switched on team behind you it can be a struggle. Lucky for me, Tom and Mark from SW have had my back on 3 very different projects and they have never failed to deliver. On our first project together, a music video, I was very fussy about what I wanted for the edit. The boys were patient with me, sending drafts, edits and bringing their own fresh ideas and perspective. I learned very quickly 2 things. 1 is that SW productions are highly experienced. The second was that if SW say yes to your project, they have a true interest and will take on your project as their own. The video ended up as a great success and I could not be prouder. Another thing I love about Mark and Tom is their initiative. For my last project SW blessed me with some breathtaking footage from my live set at Boardmasters. They were recruited very last minute and I had no chance to really express what I was looking for but they impressed far beyond what was expected of them and I am so grateful to have had them there. You won't find me writing reviews online because to be honest that's just not what I do. That being said, I could not pass up an opportunity to share how professional, reliable and charismatic this team is. SW Productions, thank you from the bottom of my heart for going above and beyond for me. My Instagram is absolutely fire right now and I'm loving it!
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